Posted: October 30, 2012 in Lifestyle, Personal

Originally posted in Nov 2010

Thursday night I experienced a first…a few actually.

First time walking in a fashion show at a night club, first time getting fitted by Sofia in an awesome suit and first time wearing crazy make up.

It was all for the Modern Man fashion show at Underground. Me, Ahmed, Travis, Ben Newby, Justin Jacobson, Forest Gregory, Grant Niewinski, Marcus Riley, and some other awesome dudes all walked in the show.

Imagine the shock when we walked in and saw make up and hair stations- and the make up was nuts- “herion chic”. Sebastian Gray- an awesome new men’s wear line was also in the house with some cool ties.

Charles Iferegan styled us out and with the help of a little liquid courage we had the time of our lives on that runway!

Thanks to everyone who set it up and for allowing me to do something so different.

Photo: Me and JJ- and our crazy make up!





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