Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Personal




Originally posted in Jan 2012

When Barcito opened last week I seized the opportunity to work the Pintxo station, which is behind the bar.


For me it was a chance to set up the system of how we were going to cook in such a small place, plus it allows me to interact with the guests and get their feedback as they’re eating.


While I’ve cooked in every kind of kitchen environment imaginable, I’ve never worked behind a bar. Unless you count jumping behind the table with the Tippling Bros in Aspen and shaking up a cocktail or two for fun- and I don’t count that!


So being behind the bar is an entirely new experience for me, especially since I’m sharing the space with the two bartenders; James and Jennifer. We make the best of it, and always end up having a blast.


But the past few nights, I’ve noticed a recurring theme- people ordering drinks from me. Yesterday I poured; 4 waters, 2 club sodas, and a shot of tequila.


Maybe people don’t see the white coat or the fact I am cooking food, but I thought it was pretty funny. I guess I can take the Chefologist to the next level.



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