Chicago Gourmet 2011

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Lifestyle, Personal

Originally posted in Sept 2011

As we were setting up for our demo on Saturday, Chef Patrick Sheerin and I looked at each other and laughed about the fact that we were the two chosen to do a Vegan grilling demo.

Patrick is the chef of the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock building, and while he will cater to guests who’d like a veg or vegan option- his menu is full of meat.

And while Tavernita will feature veggies from the Green City Market in many of it’s dishes- we are NOT a vegetarian restaurant.

But the two of us do try and eat healthy when we’re not at work- Patrick keeps vegan at breakfast and I enjoy mixing healthy meals into my abnormal chef’s diet.

So we set off to address the crowd (crowd is a stretch- at 12:30pm with rain- our demo wasn’t packed) and teach them that Vegan food can be full of flavor.

We traded off talking about our dishes and demoing how to make them, and I have to say- Patrick is a great demo wing man!

There were lots of laughs and afterwards people approached out Viking Range Demo set and asked questions- so it seemed some learning happened as well.

I want to thank Chicago Gourmet for allowing me to do a demo- it was a new twist on one of my favorite weekends.


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