Chicago: My Kinda Chefs’ Town

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Lifestyle, Personal, Restaurant Reviews

Originally Posted in Feb 2012

Since Tavernita opened, like any chef – I’ve had a grand total of no days off.

Ok…that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. And the last thing I want to do I cook when I have a night off from the kitchen.

Thankfully some of my friends have taken care of me in style with some amazing food.

On Monday night I went to my friend Doug Psaltis’s new place RPM. I’ve known Doug for a few years now and knew of him when he was a chef in NYC.

After hearing amazing buzz about the opening, I couldn’t wait to try his food. I went with Juan Florez who is my friend and a manager at Tavernita, and let’s just say we didn’t leave hungry.


From the crudos to the pastas and squid ink pasta and the artichoke flowers – it was all amazing and we were treated like kings by the staff.

Last night I got to go to Balena- and I’m still stuffed the next morning. Chris Pandel has been a friend since back in the day and The Bristol is one of my favorite spots.

Not to mention, it was crazy seeing the space’s transition from Landmark having worked for the Boka guys for years.

I went with some of my partners in Tavernita; Paul and Alfredo and we literally must have tried every dish on the menu, including the desserts.

Normally I don’t like to feel full, but Pandel and Amanda Rockman’s food and desserts were so amazing that we couldn’t stop eating. Highlights were definitely the duck liver pasta, huge pizzas and white bean bruschetta.

And Amanda really should have won Top Chef Just Desserts- her mini sundaes alone blew our minds.

When the Trencherman opens, I’ll add that to my list of favorite new spots. I know Pat and Mikey Sheerin will turn it out like no other.

Plus, Chris Curran is opening Stout Barrel House  right around the coner from us. Could definitely be my new watering hole after a long service at Barcito!

Damn it’s a good time to be a chef in Chicago. Nice work guys I am happy for all of you.


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