Chicago Via Aspen

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Lifestyle, Personal, Travel

Originally posted in June 2012

The Mercadito Hospitality team hopped a plane to the Aspen Food and Wine Classic Alfredo Sandoval, Natalie Kalb, Tad Carducci and I all decided to enjoy ourselves at the festival instead of working like we did last year.




I highlighted my top 10 favorites from last year here
but it seemed like this year was more about spending time with culinary comrades from Chicago.




The first night kicked off with an AMEX party at Matsuhisa where we ran into ABC 7’s “Hungry Hound” Steve Dolinsky and his wife Amy. We talked about plans for the week, and about the seminars Steve was moderating; they are such nice people!

I then met up with my boy Mike Sherrin and Carrie Leung; they are so much fun. They were our partners in crime most of the weekend.



I also saw Danny Grant and crew hanging out at the Casa Dragones Tequila Party. Danny won Best New Chef this year, we were all so excited for him.

On to the food. Some of the best food we had was at the Greek House (Diamond Imports) with Sarah Gruenberg from Spiaggia. She had and array of Italian food from salt-crusted fish to handmade pastas, Colorado lamb loin, and shrimp skewers. The food was so good we canceled out reservations for that night and stayed to eat more with Sarah.







I caught a few minutes of Grant Achatz’s panel about “Small Changes, Big Results.” He touched on the ticketing system at Next and how it came about. It was very interesting to hear.

I got meet to meet Jason Vincent from Nightwood and was stoked to find out we both share the same obsession, Phish! That was awesome, but even more so was being there when he won Cochon 555.




I got to have some wine with my friends Maggie & Michael Murzanski who I never get to see or hang out with. It was a perfect ending to a long adult summer camp.

I’m glad to be back, but even more glad I to hang with friends from Chicago outside Chicago.


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