Food Speaks Louder Than Dance Moves

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Lifestyle, Music, Personal

Originally posted in March 2011

Let me state on the record- I love to go dancing.


There’s few things better than finishing a great service and celebrating with a few cold beers and friends.


But- if service didn’t go well…if even one guest is unhappy with their food- the last place you’ll find me is in a club.


Because to me- food always comes first.


Normally I let my work speak for it’s self- but today’s Time Out Chicago blog was so off-point, that I can’t let it rest.


It read:


The move Ryan Poli swaps Perennial for Tavernita, opening this summer

Analysis Poli’s departure for a Latin/Mediterranean small-plates/nightlife spot doesn’t gel with our impression of the chef, who has previously stuck with finer dining. But dude is definitely obsessed with Spanish food. And clubs. He likes clubs.

Verdict We don’t get it.

Here’s what MY verdict is: Tavernita will be a chef-driven concept where the food and diner’s experience comes first.


A wise man once said: “Why turn away money?” That same man (Rich Melman) is also one of the most successful restaurateurs in the nation…and guess what? His son’s (R.J. and Jerrod) own a successful club (Hub/Sub51) .


Why not invite Tavernita’s guests to stay for post dinner cocktails, or invite another late night set to drink and dine on small bites?


Makes sense to us.


And with that I’ll let my food continue this discussion when Taverinta opens it’s doors.



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