Hits and Misses

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Personal

Originally posted in Aug 2011

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired when creating a dish, and nothing is more frustrating- think writers block to a chef.

A lot goes into the thought process. Obviously flavor and taste are the most important, but I also factor in ingredients, presentation, the diners point of view, cost and how can it be shared between 2, 3 or even 4 people.

It gets frustrating when an idea doesn’t translate from my brain to the plate. I sometimes stew about where I went wrong. Usually I try to salvage some of the idea and turn it around, but often I put it on the shelf and revisit it later.

It’s always magic when things workout the first time around, but I think I learn the most about cooking when I fail at making something and am forced to re-concept.

Prime example of this is a crudo I’ve been working for Tavernita. The dish debuted as fluke with gazapacho, basil, marinated tomatoes, and balsamic. And while my partner in Tavernita, Alfredo and I thought it was good- we knew it lacked something. Acid? Texture?

I took a few days and yesterday the missing ingredient hit me- artichoke. Today I plan to revisit the dish that I see morphing into citrus cured fluke, marinated tomatoes and artichokes, pine nuts and basil vinaigrette.

Let’s hope for a winner…or at least one step closer to perfection.


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