I said James Murphy, not Charlie Murphy

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Music, Personal

Originally posted in March 2012


My brother Matthew and I have bonded for years over our love of music.
So for his birthday Friday- a group of us went to The Mid to hear
James Murphy’s dj set. Our crew was made up of Matthew’s buddies and a
few of the waitstaff from Tavernita; Colby, Erin, Rachel, Dustin and
Linzi- just the right amount for a perfect dance party.

If you’re not familiar with James- you may know him as one of the
front men of LCD Soundsystem. We had a table with an amazing vantage
point of the stage and didn’t stop dancing from the time he went on at

The hilite was his remix of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”…the entire
place went insane when he played it!


It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Just listening to great
music and being able to unwind.

I think Matthew said it the best “great times with greater people!


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