I Want My LCD

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Lifestyle, Music, Personal

Originally posted in July 2012

As I get older, my passions in life have become fewer and stronger. Those who know me are aware that music is right up there with food and cooking. I’ve traveled countless miles to see shows and getting lost in the music is my way of decompressing.  One of the great regrets I have is not going to LCD Soundsystem’s final show at MSG.

Wednesday night my brother Matthew and I went to the next best thing- their documentary “Shut Up and Play The Hits”.  The fact that James Murphy decided to just pull the plug on the band is something I’ve never really understood when the music is so awesome. I dare you to turn on an LCD song and not start dancing or tapping your foot, or sing along to the awesome beats with deep lyrics. They’re such a diverse band- a mix of; hard to categorize them. They’re a little dance, punk, rock, blues and soul.

I was looking forward to James explaining his decision, but I wasn’t prepared for the way the film made me feel. It was interesting to me to feel the range of emotions I experienced throughout the show. The music had such energy, and feeling to it… then it would cut to an interview with James Murphy. It was the first in depth interview he had done since the band broke up and thru the interviewers questions, it showed him after the show picking up the pieces and starting a new life a life without LCD. It was both sad and powerful.

I identified with the moment when James questioned his decision of quitting too soon. That moment you doubt yourself, I’ve been there. Another point that struck home to me was when James talked about making music for the people who wanted to hear it, and enjoyed it. He talked about a time when he was playing in a punk band at bars and clubs and everyone would just stand there rather than dance like he prefers. This made me think of my life and how sometimes I also feel like I’m in that same “punk band” cooking for people who are not enjoying. I would rather cook at dance clubs with the party people.

The movie took the audience through the highs and lows. The highs- were during the final show at MSG when the band was playing their hearts out and laughing. The lows were the scenes of James tying up the loose ends to end the band.  The emotional high/low moment took place with James in the band’s storage space the day after the final show. He was looking at old pics of the band and all the equipment.  He was alone, it was queit and he started to break down in tears.  It was also a sad scene for all of us knowing it was the end of an era, the LCD era.



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