Moving On

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Personal

Originally posted in Feb 2011

On Wednesday February 16th, I announced I was leaving Perennial after 3 years and mins later Boka announces they will be filling my spot with a “celeb chef” who will “take the concept to the next level”.


Immediately my I phone was flooded with questions, guesses and rumors. The question I was asked most?


“Who do you think it is, and how do you feel about that?”


As I told a food writer yesterday, I equate my situation like a relationship.


I loved Perennial for years, and over time I wanted something different (to do a tapas concept) so I started considering other options.

I’ll miss my regulars (Chili Pepper, Shirley, Christie Heifner etc) and my awesome staff and appreciate everything Rob and Kevin have done for me.

Hearing the announcement of Perennial’s new chef is like hearing your ex is engaged- while you’ll always have a place for them- you’ve moved on and are indifferent.


I wish Paul Virant the best of luck. Hey- if you can throw my parents an unforgettable surprise 40th Anniversary party, you’ve got my blessing.

I hope you keep those linguine and clams on the menu and I hope I can always get a reservation.


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