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Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Personal, Restaurant Reviews

Originally posted in May 2012

I went to dinner with my brother Matthew at Next Sunday night. You can imagine my excitement for the ElBulli menu as I have lived and worked in spain for a few years. I was anxious to see what dishes Chef Dave Beran and Chef Grant chose for the menu and why, but I think my brother was more anxious to get his first taste of Spanish molecular gastronomy.
As soon as we were seated our server, John Schafer, made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Not only was he and the entire staff extremely knowledgeable, but he also brought an element of comedy to the table. It was refreshing and made the experience that much more enjoyable. He had us laughing the whole night kind of fucked with us at points, but in a good way. Seeing the chefs run food to the tables and explain the dish also heightened the level of our experience. It was good to see Chef Renee so excited about the plates he was serving and telling the stories behind the dishes.
With twenty-nine courses and a pairing for nearly each course, we cruised through the meal in just under 4 hours. My favorites were: spherical olives, very fun to eat; suquet of prawns, very clean traditional flavors;



potato tortilla foam, so light; chicken liquid croquettes, explode on the palate; chocolate in textures dessert, another famous dish I would see all the time when I was a young cook. We even got a little taste of the Sicily menu from Chef Dave at the end.

We had a such a good time, it was worth every penny.


From the last course “Goodbye Hands with passionfruit marshmallows”)





playing with my food


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