My Review Of Applebee’s

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Personal, Restaurant Reviews

Originally posted in June 2012

Walking into Applebee’s was an experience in itself.

Having no idea we would wind up at such a dining establishment took me and many many others by surprise. But when in Rome (I’m not in Rome BTW) we went.

We were greeted by the matrie’d  ( girl at host stand)and sat immediately at what we’ve come to refer to fondly as “the chefs table” (it was just a regular table).  We knew we were in for a treat when Jen our server, stopped by to greet us .  Judging from her faded REO Speedwagon tattoo we knew she liked to have a good time, but more importantly deliver five-star service.

Dunno if it was the many, oh so many choices on the menu (with pictures!) or the dancing in 105 degree heat at last night’s Phish show, but my head was spinning! (still hung over)
My dining companions and I settled on the 2 for 20, which I guess is there version of “Restaurant Week”.(it’s nothing like restaurant week) We were treated to a “pre fix”  menu, but for a MUCH cheaper price.

I opted for the “Summer Squeeze Slushy” spiked with some kind of local vodka ( it was in a Plastic unmarked bottle in the bar well)  and the chicken and bacon quesadillas. My dining mates ordered the mozzarella sticks and the buffalo chicken wings.

Course #1 arrived in a timely manner( 45 seconds after we ordered) and the presentation was beautiful- the way they stacked up the chicken wings and drizzled the sauce over (thrown into a basket with parchment paper liner) was the work of a craftsman.  The chicken must have been local and organic ( frozen from china) and the buffalo sauce homemade ( if you consider a factory home, then yes).   My quesadillas came next, crispy flour tortillas with melted cheese that must have been from a small dairy farm nearby (government cheese came to mind). The bacon could have been crispier but I was happy with the dish overall. (That was bacon)

Next came Matthew’s; double crispy shrimp ( fried bread crumbs around a shrimp tail) with a spicy cocktail sauce, (ketchup with lemon juice) the shrimp were crispy and so fresh tasting of the sea ( a sea of oil spill)

We decided not to get deserts.. we were so full ( I can get GMO ice cream anywhere) and asked for the check. The place was busy when we left so good thing we got there early (they have AC that’s why everyone is there).

Over all I liked my experience ( I guess if I hadn’t eaten in a month the food was edible.. then again I have not slept yet)   We are excited for our brunch ( eggs over easy) at Perkins tomorrow (more diarrhea) it was a tough reso to get but I put in a call to the chef. ( I don’t know the chef, or anyone for that matter but we’re hoping that Tiger Wood’s Perkins friend is our server).
********** 10 star, forks and diamonds rating


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