My Top 5 Things About Aspen Food & Wine 2011

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Lifestyle, Personal, Travel

Originally posted in June 2011

1. Rolling 5000- yes Five THOUSAND croquettes alongside my Tavernita family. Everyone pitched in and while it seemed impossible at one point- you can see the below finished product.


2. Meeting Bizarre Foods chef Andrew Zimmern who was awesome enough to tweet out a compliment about my day #3 dish of mushrooms with a sous vide egg.

Here was his tweet and photo:  @andrewzimmern Sous vide 63 degree eggs for 2000 ppl



3. Getting behind the bar with the Tippling Brothers at the pool party on Sunday after all of our work had been completed. That’s Tippler Tad in the headdress!


4. Attending Jose Andres opening event which was outside and showcased the beauty of Aspen.

I ran into Gail Simmons who told me she was excited for Tavernita- which was a huge compliment for me and a fun story to tell my mom, who is a fan of Top Chef!

Here’s a sample of the Iberico we feasted on.


5. Shaking the hand of Jacques Pepin. Some people got to meet Sinatra- I got to meet the chef!

(Wish I had a photo of this moment!!)


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