Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Lifestyle

Originally posted in May 2012

The National Restaurant Associations annual convention visited Chicago last week. Hundreds of chefs, restaurant owners, managers and bartenders flocked to the city to see and talk about the latest products happening in the industry.

Tavernita was crazy busy filled with people in the industry, while our whole staff worked their fingers to the (veal) bone. It’s great seeing our diners response to our server Rachel talk about the beverage program, or Joe getting so emotional when he suggests the pork belly bocadillo.

Jordan, Erin, Stephanie, and JC all worked doubles the entire week, flipping the dining room from lunch to dinner flawlessly, not to mention the whole management team who practically slept here! Juan and I almost engaged in fisticuffs with each other one night, then laughed about it an hour later. Miguel had Barcito on lock down making sure everyone left happy, and full of pintxos.

It was a lot of work but we pulled it of somehow. Thanks to the entire Tavernita Team, you all really are an extended part of my family.


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