Pizza, the Miracle Vegetable

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Personal

Originally posted in Nov. 2011

Growing up, I remember eating what my mom made me for lunch.

Usually it was a sandwich, chips and always a piece of fruit. Once a month she let me indulge in pizza day at school and that always felt like such a treat.

Yesterday lobbyists in Congress passed a bill declaring that the two table spoons of tomato paste on a pizza make it a “vegetable”.

As someone who dedicates extra time in my day to help the fight against child obesity- this makes me sick.

Congress- you have let us down once again.

So I ask- why stop at pizza? Why not declare Cheetos a part of our daily dairy intake, or a beef taco from Taco  Bell protein  to give kids energy for their day?! So as I battle the problem along side other local Chicago chefs I have just one question for you Congress; What kind of example are you setting?


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