Tapas Y Pintxos

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Lifestyle, Personal, Travel

Originally posted in May 2011

small plates, bites, snacks….no one does these better than Spain.

the little bites of food are called different things in different regions, but are similar in taste and apperance.

in madrid the group walked into a modern bar with a glass case and most were surprised to find they could walk right up to the case and take what they wanted. plates were on the bar and all the customer needs to do is save their toothpicks and be honest with what they had.

we enjoyed mini rounds of crusty breads with tuna mixtures, vegetables and jamon. kelli´s favorite was a mini pie shell filled with a tuna mixture and topped with a sardine as well as a toothpick topped with basil and sundried tomato.

my partner larry silver and i cant get over the richness of the meats…only one bite of jamon and you´ll see the difference immediatley.

after a walk around shops and a little siesta we sat at another spot-this one served us. we had similar small plates and this time tried the patats bravas and tortilla (similar to an egg quiche).

everyone drinks a beer here mixed with lemonade- and while that may sound gross let me assure you it´s refreshing and wonderful.

in san sebastian the little streets are filled with pinxto bars to wander into and stand and eat….picking things right off the bar.

here we sampled more tortillas, and mini breads with crab, tuna and salmon mixtures.

the tortillas in san sebastian were some of the best we have sampled-with different layers of filling and delicious cold.

the mini sandwiches are wearing thin on some- others in our group eat them for snacks and even breakfast. most have either jamon and cheese with tomato spread or just cheese and tomato spread… and they take the place of a typical american breakfast…no cereal here!

now we are off to do a little hike to burn some of this off…next blog will be about the amazing markets in madrid and barcelona!


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