The Restaurant Rating System…#FAIL

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Drinks, Food, Restaurant Reviews

Originally posted in Dec 2010

Restaurant ratings need a major makeover. 

In Chicago the most publications and critics rank on a four star system- give or take.

Think about it- a chef can open a casual spot, with simple food, little décor, no liquor…and yet achieve a four star rating!

Now, the same rating can also be given to a restaurant with world class chefs, the finest china, top product, expensive wine and decadent décor.

Let me offer a new system- that would encompass all dining:

A Three-Bracket System:

1st tier: Dots

A restaurant that is casual and low priced can receive up to four dots. Big Star is a prime example

2nd tier: Asterisk

Think Perennial- a great neighborhood spot offering wines, nice décor and a seasonal menu.

3rd tier: Stars


L20- with their fine dining, creative chef, sommelier and excellent service- a place like L20 would be starred.

A restaurant can jump tiers but in order to do so they would have to meet set criteria.

I’m not saying my system is perfect, but in a day when a rating can make or break a business- it’s only fair that Aliena and Big and Littles can’t receive the same rating.


You with me?



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