Torn Over Technology

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Personal, Restaurant Reviews

Originally posted in June 2011

I’m a pretty low maintenance and casual diner when I go out to eat. In fact, last night I was in a tee-shirt and cargo shorts held up by a safety pin.

All I wanted to do was have a some good snacks and spend time with my girlfriend, but things aren’t always that easy when going out to dinner.

It’s a shame that last night offensive service ruined a restaurant I often go to, so much so that I probably won’t be back.

We all hate Yelpers but when it comes to bad service or food these days- what’s the proper etiquette?  When a college or a chef friend has a bad experience at another restaurant, how should this be handled?

We could lie and say everything was awesome, tell the truth and risk offending someone, or say nothing.

Should I have called the chef? Tweeted, blogged or just kept my mouth shut?

As technology creeps it’s way into our kitchens and restaurants…I fear this is a question we’ll be asking more often.


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