Turkey Troubles

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Food, Lifestyle, Personal

Originally posted Nov 2010

I’m trying to figure out what to make for thanksgiving at my moms house.

For 33 years Mrs. Poli has hosted thanksgiving which means all my cousins and aunts, uncles meet for a long celebrated day of food, football and napping on the couch.

Poli tradition has the ladies assisting my mom in the kitchen the way an orchestra in a symphony plays for it’s conductor.

My dad loves to sneak the over door open- almost as often as mom yells at him to close it- since the finished bird symbolizes it’s almost time to feast!

Growing up, I stayed out of the way- not interested in football- but fearful of the kitchen madness. However once the family realized I could carve a turkey- the honor (task) was bestowed to me… as was creating the perfect side dish.

Are we caught up? What to make?

Can’t compete with moms broccoli and cheddar gratin with ritz crackers on top. Or my aunts cranberry jello with orange zest and whole pieces of cranberry. Or even try to compete with TETE’s (my other aunt, don’t ask about the name) chicken liver spread…

While I want to wow the fam, I don’t want to step on anyone toes or hurt anyone’s feelings.
Last year’s Joel Robuchon-style mashed potatoes led to mucho grief since I needed “special equipment” to make them.

Come on peeps a potato ricer!-  its the only way to have silky smooth potatoes!!

The thing I love most about turkey day is that it’s a day to relax with people I can just be myself around…no white chef jacket, no business card- just laughs and love (and maybe tequila!).
So maybe this thanksgiving I’ll just take the day off, and nap on the couch I grew up in…just being me.


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