Who’s A Big Baby

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Food, Lifestyle, Personal

I want to tell you about the Big Baby. No, not some sniveling adult who always tries to get his or her way, or Glen Davis a basketball player on the Celtics, but a burger. A double cheese burger to be exact. 

Where I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago, there are many hot dog stands named Nicky’s. No one knows who had the first Nicky’s or who served the first big baby, but the burger is somewhat of a Southside icon. 

Two thin patties of flat top griddle-cooked beef, ketchup, mustard, American cheese between each patty, caramelized onions, pickles, on a toasted sesame seed bun.


 Photo: Big Baby At Little Market Brasserie

It’s a work of art to see the guys behind the counter make a big baby. They are masters of their trade being precise with every layer. 

I couldn’t tell you when the first big baby I ate was or at what Nicky’s location I was at. At the time I guess I had no idea this burger was only served on the Southside. It’s just something I grew up eating.

 After school my friends and I would walk over to Nicky’s for a snack. For a while there was a Little Nicky’s location that served the Triple Baby.

Working on the menu at Little Market I thought a lot about what makes a great neighborhood restaurant. Price, comfort, and familiarity all were factors. But when it came time to create a burger, it was the Big Baby from my childhood that made its way to the menu.

I tried to keep true to the original, but we use a brioche bun, spicy mayo and Dijon mustard, but everything else is the same.  I even kept the American cheese.

My friends David and Catherine also are fans of the Big Bay, check out the info they have been gathering from Rene G on LTH

I think it’s time to turn the rest of Chicago on to a well-kept Southside  secret. THE BIG BABY!


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