Chef Language 101

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Every kitchen has its own tone, and every chef has their own language to communicate with their staff.
here are some funny quotes I’ve picked up over the years, and a decoder to help translate what we actually mean

Oui = Yes chef.


Heard = Understood.


What’s your day look like? = I have extra work for you to do.


Be there in 5 min = More like 45 min.


On my way, you need anything? =I just woke up. Sorry I’m late, I will

buy Starbucks.


Plating beef dish now= It’s still on the grill cooking.


Your pay increase will be in your next check = I forgot to tell the accountant we gave you a raise.


We’re in the shits= Things are almost out of control.


Lobsters were not available today because of bad weather on the east coast = I forgot to order lobsters last night


That’s fine = Get out of my face with that bull shit mis en place.


That’s fine = Go do it again it’s wrong.


That’s fine = I will do it myself the right way.


That’s fine = Sometimes it means just that…fine.


Lets push guys  = Better start moving or I’m going to lose it



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